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Hey! She doesn't have to put up with this! She's Daphne Zuniga



theSureThing.gifWe've talked about hottest girlfriends of the '80s, girls next door of the '80s, even the villainous women of the '80s. But where does someone like Daphne Zuniga fit in? 

Zuniga starred in a half dozen pretty good movies in our decade before really making her mark on TV's Melrose Place in the '90s (aka, the decade that time will justly have forgotten soon enough.) She rarely played the girlfriend role. Maybe you could squeeze her into the girl-next-door mold. But in reality, she deserves a category all to her own: the smart girl who luckily didn't get away.

Think about it. The Sure Thing? Cusack ends up with her. Gross Anatomy? Modine ends up with her. (Vision Quest? Sorry. Modine ends up with the boys on a rubber wrestling mat.)

These days, Zuniga is still acting, though you'll more likely see her in a TV movie than on the big screen. She turns 48 years old today. Feels like a good time for a Top 5 list...


5. MODERN GIRLS (1986): "We never buy our own drinks and we never wait in line."

4. VISION QUEST (1985): "I loved your piece on the clitoris. I showed it to my mother."

3. GROSS ANATOMY (1989): "Anatomy! I can't believe I forgot the word ANATOMY!"

2. SPACEBALLS (1987): "Hey! I don't have to put up with this! I'm rich!"

1. THE SURE THING (1985): "Spontaneity has its time and place."

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