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Highly illogical: '80s sci-fi nerds not welcome at Twitter



Star Trek Cast Photo
Okay, so maybe I exaggerated with that headline, but bear with me. Ever have trouble finding a password that you’ll remember -- and one that the Web site will accept? (Rule #104: “It must be eight letters, include two numerals, three Sanskrit characters and be stated in limerick form.” Whaaa?)

Imagine the grief '80s sci-fi fans have when they sign up for Twitter. The popular social networking site has a huge list of forbidden passwords, says PC Magazine. Among the no-no’s: batman, ncc1701, startrek, starwars and superman.

Excalibur nerds, beware! You can’t use dragon or merlin either. Action and horror flick fans, sorry but topgun and freddy are verboten too. (Jason is allowed tough. Clearly, there's a bias in favor of Friday the 13th movies.)

All told, there are more than 350 banned passwords. Thankfully, my two most common passwords -- banthafodder and scruffynerfherder -- are still acceptable.

Lest you think it’s a conspiracy, there are a ton of boring words on the list too -- sorry amanda and ashley. But why the war on sci-fi terms in particular? According to PC Mag, it’s because those passwords are popular with hackers.

Click here to find the full list on PC Mag's website. Some are definitely NSFW, so beware.

[Last modified: Wednesday, June 9, 2010 2:54pm]


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