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'His grudges were almost supernatural:' Molly Ringwald tries explaining John Hughes



Molly_ringwald If you were wondering when and where Molly Ringwald was finally going to go on the record about the life and death of her mentor John Hughes, the answer is "yesterday ... in the New York Times."

The teen queen, president of the Breakfast Club and reigning pooh-bah of the Brat Pack penned an eye-opening account of the hours and days following Hughes' death in NYC last Friday at age 59. Click here to read the full piece. Here are some highlights:

WHAT SHE DID FIRST: "Not long after hearing the horrible news, I found myself talking on the phone to Anthony Michael Hall... We stayed on the phone for a while reminiscing about our old friend and mentor. ... Yet the strange thing is, neither of us had talked to John in more than 20 years."

ON HIS LATER FILMS: "None of the films that he made subsequently had the same kind of personal feeling to me. They were funny, yes, wildly successful, to be sure, but I recognized very little of the John I knew in them, of his youthful, urgent, unmistakable vulnerability."

" Most people who knew John knew that he was able to hold a grudge longer than anyone -- his grudges were almost supernatural things, enduring for years, even decades. [Hall] suspects that he was never forgiven for turning down parts in Pretty in Pink and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. I turned down later films as well. Not because I didn’t want to work with John anymore -- I loved working with him, more than anyone before or since."

Seriously, this is a must-read article from start to finish.

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