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Hit songs? (Probably just left off the "s")



Stuck in the 80s had a nice long run covering the one-hit wonders from each year in the '80s. Indeed, full-blown man-tears ran down our doughy, chipmunk cheeks when we put the final touches on that show of tunes from 1989. It just felt like the decade was over.

No longer, my friends. No longer.

Starting this week, Times pop music critic Sean Daly and I return to 1980 to begin a new series: The worst hits of the '80s. You think we won't have enough material? For every "Hungry Like The Wolf," there's a "Everybody Have Fun Tonight" lurking in the corner.

Here's a sneak preview of some songs that MIGHT make it on this week's show. Check out our nominees and let us know what rotten hits of 1980 we're forgetting. Remember, the songs should have been a "hit" in some regard. You can't just pick deep album cuts. (Sorry, Village People fans!)

Rotten hits from 1980

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