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Hollywood's most famous sister?



Joan Joan Cusack, the sister of John Cusack, turns 44 years old today. And maybe as a birthday present, I'll stop referring to her as the second-half of the Cusack Dynasty. After all, she's got a impressive list of film credits of her own. And while she rarely steps in the lead spotlight, her films are largely as entertaining as her brother's.

If I had a little bit more moxy today, I could even suggest she's more talented than John. Nah, the Stuck in the 80s gang is hopelessly devoted to All Things John. But we still get a kick out of seeing Joan and John star in the same flicks.

So how about two Top 5 lists today? And because I think of J&J as both being eternally part of the 80s, I'm opening the lists to movies from any decade.

Cusacks_1 Top 5 films starring Joan and Joan Cusack:
5. Class: They're both credited with roles here. John's easy to pick out. Joan, not so much.
4. High Fidelity: Joan plays the mutual friend of the broken-up couple. Her best lines can't be repeated in this family-friendly blog.
3. Gross Pointe Blank: Joan books the hits for John. They're never in the same room.
2. Sixteen Candles: They both played geeks. Joan outshines John here as the girl in the neck brace.
1. Say Anything: Brother and sister in the movie too. Director Cameron Crowe brings out the best in his two co-stars.

Top 5 Joan Cusack films:
5. Broadcast News: "Except for socially, you're my role model."
4. School of Rock: "I've just been informed that all your children are missing."
3. In & Out: "I need a heterosexual male, CODE RED!"
2. Say Anything: "There's no food in your food."
1. Working Girl: "Six thousand dollars? It's not even leather!"

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