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Hoping for a Ringwald reunion



The Stuck in the 80s e-mail box bulges with a wide array of letters each day. Fans from around the world drop us notes to give us feedback on shows, ideas for new episodes ... and to say that co-host Sean Daly actually does have body hair (and they have the photos to prove it.)

Shortly after our interview with Molly Ringwald, we received a very unusual one from a Sharla Van Ringwald: "My relationship to Molly as I've been told is that I am a 3rd cousin to her on my Dad's side of the family. Yes, my last name is Ringwald. Born and Breed!!"

Thus ends my theory that Molly was a clinical lab love child of John Hughes and Shirley MacLaine.

Image1Today, Ms. Ringwald (photo right) is married and lives in El Reno, Oklahoma. Here's a quick Q&A with her...

Stuck in the 80s: Wow. A relative! Got any great stories about opening obnoxious Christmas presents with Molly and the rest of the Ringwald clan?

Sharla: "I myself have never got to meet Molly.  She was in my hometown during the late 80's early 90's doing a movie and stayed at my Uncle Dale's home.  All of my aunts, uncles and cousins got to meet her.  I was away at college in Indiana at the time and couldn't make it home.  They found her extremely polite and were utterly fascinated with her."

Stuck in the 80s: When did you find out you were related? Please tell me it wasn't on an episode of The Montel Williams Show.

Sharla: "I have known my entire life of my relation to Molly.  My father, Archie Wilson Ringwald, always made such a big deal of it.  Of all the cousins in my family, everyone, thought that I had a strong resemblance to her.  My reaction was of interest in what she did for a living.  I always remember that my dad was always pushing for me to take acting lessons and to do something along the same line as Molly.  I'm not shy by any means in public, but just didn't have that type of interests back then."

Stuck in the 80s: OK, so as someone who'd rather watch a movie than act in one, which of her movies do you think was her best?

Sharla: "I would have to say that one of my favorite movies of her's was "16 Candles." I don't have any siblings but I can relate to being that age and at the time some of my older cousins were getting married and I was kind of left out of everything. But overall, I don't think that Molly has ever done a poor quality movie. I have enjoyed all of them."

Stuck in the 80s: We passed along a note from you to Molly while she was in town here, performing in the touring Broadway production of Sweet Charity. If you two manage to get in touch and hang out sometime, what would you talk about?

Sharla: "I would love to know what interests she has -- like what she does in her free time.  I would enjoy hearing about all the traveling that she has done.  I think there is only a few years difference in our ages, so surely we would have some things in common."

"Back in the 80s, people thought it was cool that I was related to her. Nowadays I don't say much about it, but when I do people always want to know if I have met her. Unfortunately I have never been lucky enough to meet her. I always have hope though!"

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