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Horrible hits of 1984: 'Somebody's Watching Me' and what 9 others?

Somebodys-watching-me Stuck in the '80s plans to salute the Horrible Hits of 1984 for our next podcast, and as usual, we want your input in picking the 10 worst hits of that year.

Let me get this out of the way first: Rockwell's Somebody's Watching Me is definitely gonna make the list. At which number, I'm not sure. But those dreadful GEICO commercials have clinched a spot for poor Rockwell. It doesn't matter that it appears in a classic scene in Miami Vice, it's on the list. I don't care that Michael Jackson sang backup, it's ON THE LIST.

Click here to see the full 100 hits of 1984 and pick your worst. But here are five I'm leaning toward already:

BREAK MY STRIDE (Matthew Wilder): Even perky, smiley people say "Turn that s--t off!" when it comes on the radio. Which thankfully it rarely does anymore.

TALKING IN YOUR SLEEP (The Romantics): We all sorta liked it on MTV back in the day, but for some reason it drags on like an insurance seminar now.

LET THE MUSIC PLAY (Shannon): Okay, confession time. This would be a sure inclusion, but I loved the way it was used for the new movie Adventureland -- everything it played at the park, the slutty Italian girl got up and started dancing -- so I'm betting you won't hear it on the podcast.

(Rolling Stones): The '80s weren't kind to Mick and the boys. Neither were the '90s, but that's beside the point.

THRILLER (Michael Jackson): Yeah, just kidding. Come on. Lighten up, Frances.

Look over the full list of 100 and give your suggestions.

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