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How the 80s really were: Caption contest




Ah yes, this looks familiar. (Click to see full version.) Thick glasses. Members Only jackets. Classic arcade video games. Feathered hair. Cheesy mustaches. It's from the 80s alright. The only thing that doesn't quite belong ...

What are all those cheerleaders doing there?!?

Steve85 The trip back through time was sent in by Stuck in the 80s fan Tom Sims. (No word on whether he's in the photo or not.) If you wanted to pick out the person here who looks similar to me in the 80s (photo left), it'd be the guy in the gray hooded sweatshirt and white t-shirt, near the right side -- the one who seemingly forgot to keep his eyes open.

Any ideas for great captions? ("The first Commodore 64 user-group meeting?")

Keep sending in your classic 80s pics. The e-mail address is [email protected] Best photo wins a prize yet to be determined. But it'll be better than an autographed bag of Funyuns.

[Publicity photo from "King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters"]

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