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Hugh Hefner really understood appeal of the '80s



Hugh Hefner in History of the World Part 1Do you remember the first time you saw Hugh Hefner? For me, it was in 1981's History of the World, Part 1. Hefner essentially plays himself in ancient Rome, touting his newest invention, "I'm very excited about it. I call it ... the centerfold."

The joke went right over my 14-year-old head at the time because I didn't know that was Hefner. (Though I was "vaguely aware" of his publication.)

Turns out Playboy's founder doesn't have the fondest memories of that decade.

"That was not a particularly good decade, the '80s or the '90s, actually. I was in a pickle. They were conservative decades. I had a stroke (in 1985), as a result from that I got married," Hefner told the Las Vegas Sun last year before an '80s-themed party at the mansion.

But at least he understands its appeal to our generation.

"People's favorite decades," Hef says, "are usually about how young they feel."

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