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Hurts so good: Best teen sex of the '80s



16candles Teen sex -- what could be funnier? Maxim Magazine -- I only read it for the scholarly articles -- has published its list of the funniest sex comedy moments in movie history. And wouldn't you know it, the '80s dominated the list.

SIXTEEN CANDLES: So many scenes to choose from, but Maxim went with the "underwear exhibition" moment. (Pop quiz: How much did the freshmen have to pay to see Sam's panties?)

FAST TIMES AT RIDGEMONT HIGH: The greatest fantasy in Brad's life -- Phoebe Cates dropping her bikini top -- turns to his biggest moment of shame. (Hell, if Maxim was on the ball, they could do a whole list of "caught whacking" scenes.)

WEIRD SCIENCE: Gary and Wyatt -- jeans on -- get all clean with Lisa. "If you ever get the chance, shower with them. I did. Mmm, it's a mindscrambler. Hurts so good."

REVENGE OF THE NERDS: Louis refuses to remove his Darth Vader-ish mask when going zero-gravity with Betty in the carnival's Moon Walk attraction. (Hello, is there a rape counselor in the house?)

PORKY'S: Ah yes, the greatest six words in '80s comedy history: "Why do they call you Lassie?"

Maxim's non-'80s picks were good too: Road Trip, American Pie and Van Wilder. ("We bumped uglies. It was the best ten seconds ever. Ever!")

What other great '80s teen sex comedy moments are they forgetting?

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