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'I hate Tommy Lasorda!'




People say we don't talk enough sports here on Stuck in the 80s. We also don't do enough podcasts about cartoons. Or play enough new wave music. Or have enough female co-hosts. Well, fans, that's quite a list.

Here's my olive branch: Today's Fernando Valenzuela's birthday. Our favorite LA Dodger turns 47 today. Whoo-hoo!

Actually, when I think back to baseball in the 80s, all my memories are Dodgers-related. And I'm not even a Dodger fan:

  • There's Valenzuela, of course, with his "lava lizard" windup. He pitched a hell of a year in '81, winning his first eight games with a 0.50 ERA.
  • There's Kirk Gibson in '88, hobbling around the bases after his World Series homer for the Dodgers against the Athletics. Easily my favorite moment in baseball history.
  • Fletch And of course, there's "Fletch." One of my favorite lines from the flick. "Hey, you and Tommy Lasorda?" (punches photo) "I hate Tommy Lasorda."

Tomorrow: I attempt to go 12 hours without quoting a Chevy Chase film. Of course, that goal is not Paraguayan in and of it is as it were the United States government would never have if the president, our president, had not and as far as I know that's the way it will always be. Is that clear?

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