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"I'm gonna make you rich, Bud Fox"



Wallstreet Our latest Stuck in the 80s podcast is now online. Click here to listen or click here to subscribe to the series on iTunes.

This week's topic: The 1987 flick Wall Street, starring Charlie Sheen and Michael Douglas, who won an Oscar for playing corporate greed-monger Gordon Gekko.

In this show:
-- Find out what A-list stars were offered or wanted the roles made famous by Sheen and Douglas.
-- Listen as Oliver Stone explains why he places women in less-than-flattering roles in his films.
-- Discover what savory scenes were cut when the movie was trimmed by 40 minutes for theaters.
-- Daryl Hannah -- hot or not? Join the debate.

Some other Wall Street trivia:
-- Oliver Stone appears in the movie in one montage. His infant son, though, plays the part of Gordon Gekko's son.
-- Jack Lemmon was considered for the role of Bud Fox's father -- a role that went to Martin Sheen.
-- Trading scenes were filmed on the actual New York Stock Exchange trading floor during business hours using real traders.

Enjoy the podcast. Feel free to leave any feedback below as a comment.

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