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I'm .... movin' out!



It's Moving Day at Stuck in the '80s. Oh, don't fret. I've moved desks a dozen times during the tenure of the blog and podcast. But today, I actually am moving next door to pop music apologist Sean Daly!

That's right. Spears and Daly. Daly and Spears. Just like the movie Stepbrothers (in which case, I'm clearly the Will Ferrell character and he's John C. Reilly.) And a tiny bag of Munchos -- autographed by the Vegas Girlfriend -- is sitting on his computer right now, awaiting his eventual arrival. (He works on West Coast time. Not that he's ever lived on the West Coast, mind you.)

So until our I.T. people come to drag away my PC, I'm stuck at the old SIT80s desk, no snack food in sight, no beloved DVDs or CDs to keep my company. Just the lonely but trusty hum of my work computer.

In cleaning out my desk, I came across tons of old letters, CDs and gifts sent from long-time podcast listeners, including:

  • A donated copy of The Long Run by the Eagles (to make up for my mistake of swapping it out for Rapper's Delight when I was a kid).
  • A CD full of songs by The Producers, courtesy of Jeff in Cuba. Along with the T-shirt autographed by Night Ranger. We still need to a proper contest to give that away!
  • A gift pack of a-ha souvenirs from the a-hafia, including tour programs, mix CDs, salted fish and a Toblerone.
  • All the "Best of Canadian Music of the 80s" CDs faithfully sent for our special Canada podcast.

Don't let me forget the cards, letters, boxes of Mac 'n' Cheese, photos and more that arrive weekly from the SIT80s family around the world. (Cue the tear rolling down my chubby cheek.)

Now who wants a souvenir stolen fresh from Daly's desk?

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