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Indiana Jones ... and space aliens?

Indyskull Don't call me a sour-puss, call me a soothsayer. Here's more bad news about the new "Indiana Jones" flick.

Former St. Pete Times television critic and frequent Stuck in the 80s guest-host Chase Squires caught a special screening of "Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" on Sunday, and he was dumbfounded on how simply dreadful it was.

"Oh, sweet Jeebus. This movie made NO sense and burned through millions in pointless special effects, interesting no one," Chase writes in his "Dirty Thoughts" blog. "The dialogue is silly, the premise involves space aliens (seriously, space aliens). ... Not to mention the fist fights (about 72 percent of the movie is fist fights), and Harrison Ford looks positively annoyed."

In this week's Stuck in the 80s podcast, I said it could be the flop of the summer. And that's before I even knew about the space aliens. Come on, Spielberg. You haven't exactly been living up to your reputation lately. "War of the Worlds" ... "The Terminal" ... "Artificial Intelligence: AI" ... yeeesh!

But wrecking the holy trilogy of Indiana Jones? (And no Nazi's?) At least people can no longer say "Temple of Doom" is the worst movie of the series. (Was that your goal, Steven?)

"Dude, it is an abomination," Chase wrote me in an e-mail late last night. "Warn the peeps. It is so unbelievably awful."

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