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Interview: Steve Perry talks new music, old friends and the legacy of Journey




Steve Perry says he's happy. And the former Journey frontman wants to make sure all his fans know it.

"If I could tell my fans anything right now, it would be that I want them to know I am happy," Perry told Stuck in the '80s in an epic interview to promote the release of Journey's Greatest Hits Vol. 2. "I was happy being in front of them every night. They lifted me to places I could not go without them. My voice was actually their voice because I had to go get it because they wanted to hear it."

In an hour-long interview, Steve and I talked about touring the country during the early days of Journey ("We never stopped. A day off wasn’t a day off; it was a travel day. That's how you did it back then. It was liking running for public office."), his feelings about Neal Schon ("Neal and I have had our problems over the years. We probably don't like each other very much, because we had a lot of time together. But I know we love each other...") and even touch on his relationship with the girl who inspired Oh Sherrie ("The truth is that it's hard to navigate a relationship when you’re in the midst of such a ride.") 

An edited version of the interview is finally online in podcast form. Click here to download the podcast. Or click here to get all our podcasts for free via iTunes. 

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