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iPod - my new 80s time machine



Anyone else out there get a new iPod for the holidays? I got the 30-gig video iPod, and I've spent the last 48 hours filling it up with about 200 songs. For kicks, I've been recategorizing them and ranking them. Of course, it's filled to the hilt with 80s classics.

It's too early for a definitive best-of list, but here's the top 10 songs I've listened to so far:

10) I Ran - Flock of Seagulls: Did you catch their episode on VH1's Reunite the Band? Great episode. I'd swear some of it was filmed in Ybor City here in Tampa Bay.
9) Love Cats - The Cure: I bought my mom the Paul Anka cd of Rock Swings, on which he covers this song. Badly.
8) Don't Cry - Asia: Hello, my name is Steve and I like Asia. I know it's not good for me. I just can't help it.
7) Stone in Love - Journey: Still my favorite Journey song.
6) Angst in my Pants - Sparks: First heard it in the movie Valley Girl. Great flick. Fantastic songs.
5) Bad - U2: I hadn't heard this song in YEARS until I uploaded all my U2 songs into iTunes, and now I'm readdicted.
4) Solsbury Hill - Peter Gabriel: This song got some recent airplay after appearing in the movie Good Company. You can't go wrong with any Peter Gabriel song.
3) We Close Our Eyes - Oingo Boingo: Once upon a time, I'd say Oingo Boingo was my favorite band. Probably the only person not living in California to claim that. This isn't one of their classics, but it seems to pop up most often on the shuffle play.
2) Rock Me Amadeus - Falco: Only the extended version with all the cool English narration.
1) Jungle Love - Morris Day and the Time.

Didn't see the Morris Day tune coming, did you? Gotta love Purple Rain.

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