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Isabella Rossellini is still creepy



Bluevelvet When it comes to actress Isabella Rossellini and her 80s movies, one adjective usually pops out first: Dark.

Think about her three biggest 80s flicks:

WHITE NIGHTS (1985): Ignore the irony that it never gets "dark" in this movie. This sucker is depressing. Communists. Beatings. Binge drinking. And those are the lighter moments! The late Gregory Hines as Rossellini's tap-dancing husband, so despondent with the U.S. that he defects to Russia and back again. (Whoops, hope I didn't give anything away there.)

BLUE VELVET (1986): Still not sure how this movie got made. I can hear the pitch now: "So basically we have Dennis Hopper as a gas-sniffing psycho who rapes Isabella Rossellini and forces her to call him 'Daddy.' Oh, and we'll get Kyle MacLachlan and Laura Dern in sadistic sideplots as well."

COUSINS (1989): Rossellini pulls back her hair into an ultra-tight bun and watches hubby William Petersen sleep with every woman in town before he settles down the empty-headed Sean Young. How could it be darker? Rossellini ends up with Ted Danson.

Her latest project? "Green Porno" -- a series of short films that examine the sex lives of insects. Yeah, I'm at a loss for words too.

Rossellini turns 56 years old today. Here's a special top 5 list just for you, Isabella. No gassing required.


5. "I have a part of you with me. You put your disease in me. It helps me. It makes me strong." 

4. "Do you like the way I feel?"

3. "I still can see Blue Velvet through my tears."

2. "I looked for you in my closet tonight."

1. "Hello, baby."

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