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'It won't kill ya. But it will make you very sore'

Realmen Today's retro-review: The 1987 flick Real Men, starring Jim Belushi and the late John Ritter. A lot of '80s fans will say you either "get this movie" or you don't. Very important first tip to "getting it": Suspend all sense of belief. This "sci-fi/espionage/farce" requires logic be set aside for full enjoyment.

The plot: Belushi is a secret agent on a mission to rendezvous with visiting aliens. Ritter is a wimpy neighborhood dad who accidentally gets teamed up with Belushi. Together they must fight the Russians, other U.S. agents gone bad and get to the aliens in time to bring them a special gift: a glass of water.

Sound absurd?: The plot's silliness is part of the film's charm. One reviewer said Real Men has "a sense of humour that is so way out that it ends up generating a silliness that sort of transcends itself." Think "Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle." But with no burgers -- and far less pot.

Maybe you remember: Belushi was cranking out movies in the second half of the '80s. Real Men falls between the drama "The Principal" and the buddy-cop action flick "Red Heat." Ritter, on the other hand, was just making TV movies at the time. His under-appreciated role in Blake Edward's "Skin Deep" would follow in two years.

Realmenscene Surely you can't forget: Perhaps the signature scene of the movie is Ritter running around during a shootout, thinking his fingers are a gun and yelling "Bang!" Classic.

One review: "The last twenty minutes or so of the movie are seriously devoid of humor, both in quantity and quality." -- Unknown Movies. But the same guy also says: "Who'd ever think that James Belushi and John Ritter could be funny? Maybe there's hope for Pauly Shore after all."

Favorite dialog from Real Men:

Ritter: "I didn't know you smoked."
Belushi: "Just after sex, Bob. I'm trying to give it up."
Ritter: "Well, at least you don't smoke that much."
Belushi: "About a pack a day."
Ritter: "That'll kill ya!"
Belushi: "Bob, it won't kill ya. But it will make you very sore."


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