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"It's no big deal...:" Junk food in the '80s



Caddyshack Remember your first reaction when you Bill Murray ate "the candy bar" in 1980's Caddyshack? Horror, disbelief, disgust, hopefully a laugh or two.

Channel those emotions into this week's Stuck in the '80s podcast: Snacks and Junk Food of the '80s. I'm gonna tell you right now. It's not the most educational of our shows. In fact, it's basically just a reason for us to eat crunchy treats for an hour while doing Reader Mailbag, Mystery Movie Moment, Name that '80s Tune and Please Please Tell Me Now.

And we tell a couple of stories that can best described as "brown." Catching my drift? (No, we're not proud.)

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It's a rough show. And I'll be honest, I whacked a couple stories out completely because I felt like we'd gone way past the acceptable ratio of food to fecal material. So when you get to some weird, unexplained references to me, Whatchamacallit bars and St. Augustine, just let it go.

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