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"I've seen the future ... I can't afford it"

Martinfryweb ABC's Martin Fry wasn't merely a singer -- he was a visionary, a prophet, the Nostradamus of the New Romantics ... and a snappy dresser with great hair! Who knew his opening lyrics to "How to be a Millionaire" would end up being the perfect campaign song for just about any politician in the upcoming election? [Watch the video]

The song appears on ABC's 1985 album titled "How to be a ... Zillionaire," of which there are no less than four different editions floating around among ABC fans.

ABC is one of the highlights of the upcoming Regeneration Tour, which stops in Las Vegas on Aug. 2 (and here in Clearwater on Aug. 30 with Missing Persons stepping in for The Human League.)

Take a closer look at the lyrics for "Millionaire." Is Fry dissing our beloved Vegas -- or making a broader comment on how society is for sale now to the highest bidder?

Is roulette and blackjacks gonna build us a paradise?
Larger than life and twice as ugly.
If we have to live there, you’ll have to drug me.

I'll get a chance to ask him: Martin Fry is our guest on the Stuck in the 80s podcast next week. So if you have a question you'd like me to ask him, fire off with a comment. (Question No. 1: Tell me, tell me, how to be a millionaire.)

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