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James Spader is CEO of the '80s too: 10 favorite movie lines

james-spader.jpgJames Spader better be enjoying life these days. Just having been named to the full-time cast of The Office, things are goin' pretty good for him, as Cousin Eddie says. And the '80s generation can take enjoy a moment of pride knowing that it was Spader's work during our favorite decade that launched him on his way. (Spader cranked out an amazing 11 feature films in those 10 years.)

Now, to be fair, just about every, single film role of Spader in the '80s (and frankly for decades beyond) is beyond creepy. (And I love them all. Secretary anyone?) You can name his characters off the top of your head. Rip. Steff. Deforest. Epic names. Epic d-bags. But you can only have so many Tom Hanks in the world.

So, for fans of The Office out there, along with our loyal Stuck in the '80s nation, here are...


10. "Well, what's happening now is, you see; the girls are wondering where they've seen you before and the guys are wondering why the hell they haven't." (Tuff Turf)

9. "What are you? Made out of mouth?" (The New Kids)

8. "You're right, I've got a lot of problems... But they belong to me." (Sex, Lies and Videotape)

7. "Money really means nothing to me. Do you think I'd treat my parents' house this way if it did?" (Pretty in Pink)

6. "You free Saturday night?" (Jack's Back)

5. "A personal project like anyone else's personal project. Mine's just a little more... personal, I guess." (Sex, Lies and Videotape)

4. "You people that work at night scare me." (Mannequin)

3. "Just because you're f-----g my sister doean't mean you're part of the family." (Endless Love)

2. "That girl was, is, and always will be nada!" (Pretty in Pink)

1. "Everyone is accountable." (Less Than Zero)

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