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Jello Biafra talks about Dead Kennedys reunion



deadkennedys3.jpgJello Biafra and John Lydon are probably the two toughest interviews out there. As the frontman for two of the biggest punk bands EVER, they have to be on the bucket list for a music journalist. And as an interviewer and a fan, you think you have a million questions for them, but you really don't. You can't. Because the fear gets you. Fear that Lydon will just look at you like you're the biggest jackass in the world for asking some trivial question about Sid Vicious and the Sex Pistols. Fear that Jello will just curse you and get up and leave when you say the wrong thing about Ronald Reagan and the Dead Kennedys.

So suffice to say, I'm always in awe when someone out there tries to tackle either of these legends. Today, it's an interview with Biafra by There's a ton of political content that will interest some fans, but I really enjoyed the talk about a possible Dead Kennedys reunion. Here's what Biafra said:

"I'm still as proud as I've ever been of Dead Kennedys' music and our legacy and all the cool s--- we did together but I'm just embarrassed to know those guys now," Biafra said. "People are asking me to do reunion shows but I have a list of reasons a mile long why I don't want to do that. I'm not a big fan of reunion but when I saw The Stooges it was not lost on me how much it would mean to people to see the real Dead Kennedys line-up back together but for that everybody has to be willing to get along and treat the other people with respect and they have no intention of doing that."

So there's hope? Maybe?

"We haven't talk in a dozen years," Jello said. "In their hearts they've become Republicans and I just wouldn't do something like that unless we can bring back the real thing. In a way getting me back into the band would be their worst nightmare, like make them rehearse. When people tell me that I owe it to the fans to regurgitate nothing but old music with the people I used to play with, that's totally the opposite of what punk and Dead Kennedys means to me. The true spirit of the whole thing is to keep going, keep moving and make more new stuff. Nobody was more cynical than the original punks about nostalgia and retro because of all the rage on TV and people started to get nostalgic in goofy ass ways for the sixties and they were thinking, ''Yeah, that will never happen to us.' ...  That's not what I'm here for, sorry. It's not as if the people who come to the Guantanamo School of Medicine shows wanting nothing but old Dead Kennedys songs don't leave with a smile on their face once they've heard the new songs. It's not like I've forgot how to write this s--t."

It's an amazing interview and worth your time to read from top to bottom.

[Last modified: Friday, August 24, 2012 11:09am]


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