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Joey, do you like podcasts about Airplanes?



Our latest podcast is online and the topic this week is the classic comedy Airplane! Click here to download it. Or click here to subscribe to the entire series for free on iTunes.

We recorded this particular podcast a few weeks ago, knowing that we were going to take a short vacation break. Turns out I was running a 100-degree-plus fever during the show -- the dreaded strep throat episode -- so as you listen you can actually hear the infection flowing through my body, attacking my vital organs and slowly eating away my brain tissue. And feel free take bets on whether I make it through the show without passing out. It's ironic because passengers were passing out right and left during the movie as well. Except I didn't eat the fish.

The show's highlights:
-- Tons of trivia about the movie, which spawned an entire genre of comedies that we still enjoy to this day (Naked Gun, Not Another Teen Movie, Date Movie, Scary Movie, etc.)
-- Discover which airline actually played Airplane! as its in-flight movie.
-- Find out why Kareem Abdul-Jabbar took the role of co-pilot (and discover which disgraced baseball icon the role was meant for).
-- Ponder why Ill Literate blogger and guest host Rick Gershman still has a paying job.
-- Celebrate the moment where Steve and Rick see nudity for the very first time in a movie.
-- Savor our list of top 10 quotes from the movie. It's fantastishe!

Once you hear the podcast, answer this question: Is Airplane! the funniest movie of the 80s? If not, what was?

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