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John Cusack on his career: "I do culty well"



johncusack-theraven.pngJohn Cusack is doing the media rounds lately to promote his latest movie The Raven, so my "Google Alert" for Cusack has been lighting up like crazy. The latest interview to catch my eye: a piece by New York magazine, based on a museum visit with Cusack in Malibu (where he now lives -- how odd is that?) Here are some highlights of interest to '80s nation:

WHY HE DID HOT TUB TIME MACHINE: "I thought, 'If I'm going to address my own career and be self-referential, at least I can be the one being mean to me.' ... I guess people like Hot Tub Time Machine, don't they? It's culty. I do culty well."

ON HIS ISSUES WITH THE SCRIPT: "[The studio] wanted me to do Say Anything jokes, but I thought some of it was a little lazy. It didn't earn that one."

ON CRITICS: "I don't listen to what people say [about my movies] right away, because later the people either like or hate them more."

ON HIS DARK SIDE: "I've known about it forever. But I’ve been tapping into it in interesting ways. If we don’t remember we're f---ed up and human, then the work isn't compelling. That's why, obviously, the job is not all about people who are evolved and happy, because there's no drama there. We have to mine our secrets."

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