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John Cusack lives (but California doesn't) in exclusive clip of his latest flick '2012'



Somehow you just know Lloyd Dobler is gonna come out on top. Even when his stand-in John Cusack is at the helm.

I'm not a big fan of apocalypse movies like 2012 -- not to be confused with a big screen version of Rush's 2112, which would probably be far more entertaining. But you gotta admit the special effects in this 5-minute clip are exceptional.

Still, are the flashy scenes -- and Cusack's mere presence -- enough to coax cash from the pockets of movie fans looking for a little R&R at the local multiplex? Yes and no. I'm betting 2012 does fairly well at the box office when it's released on Nov. 13 by attracting the younger audience, who will in turn discover they love Cusack too and search out his older work. I think the '80s generation will wait for cable or Netflix.

BTW, Cusack's civilization-saving character is named "Jackson Curtis." Same initials as Cusack. Can you think of any other notable J.C.'s? Ah-ha! You made the connection, not me.

Personally, I still subscribe mainly to the Testament of Lloyd, particularly Chapter 2, verse 3: "The rain on my car is a baptism, the new me, Ice Man, Power Lloyd, my assault on the world begins now."

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