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John Cusack ... the political activist?

John_cusack Everyone's vote for Mr. 80s -- John Cusack -- is back on the big screen. But this is a role that could catch a lot of long-time fans off guard.

Angry over the war in Iraq, Cusack helped write and stars in "War, Inc." -- a movie set in fictional Turaqistan, a country occupied by an American company called Tamerlane (yet run by a former American vice president), according to Reuters.

The movie -- set to open in late May in New York and Los Angeles -- is strictly low budget, yet it also co-stars big names such as Ben Kingsley, Marisa Tomei and Hilary Duff. (And, of course, his sister Joan Cusack.)

The movie is meant to be satire, Cusack tells Reuters, and even includes "a chorus line of scantily clad female amputees."

"I think the movie should be kind of offensive," Cusack told Reuters. "Sometimes with a serious, somber movie, even though they're great and well intentioned, it just doesn't allow you to be outraged because you just get depressed. This allows you to actually feel like, 'Let's do something subversive.' "

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to view the trailer. And like any movie worth seeing, it has its own official website.

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