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John Cusack is a "prima donna?"



Better_off_dead_cusack We've forgiven Australia for so many things: Paul "That's not a knife!" Hogan, Midnight Oil, and even those dreaded Vegemite sandwiches. (Damn you, Men at Work, for implying they were so tasty!)

But now Aussie actor Paul Leyden is spouting off that 80s hero John Cusack is a "prima donna." Unless that's yet another Down Under slang word for "cool, beer-swilling Cubs fan," this means war.

"John Cusack was one of my favorite actors until I met him," Leyden said during a radio interview, according to Australia's Daily Telegraph (which, given the country's odd behavior, could actually be a telegraph instead of a paper). "I have to say one thing - and this is my favorite line when people ask me what I think of John Cusack - he plays nice guys on film. So, read between the lines."

The two worked recently together on the set of "The Factory," a horror movie starring Cusack and written by Leyden that's due for release in 2009.

I know what you're all thinking: "Who the hell is Paul Leyden anyway?" Good question. I had to look it up myself. Leyden's pretty much a journeyman TV actor who has popped up now and again in various shows. He has played the role of "Simon Frasier" in "As The World Turns" for the last few years as well.

In other words, when it comes to reliable commentary about stars like Cusack, Leyden is a few kangaroos short of a zoo, even in a land where "the beer does flow and the men chunder."

To his credit, when the Vegemite hit the fan, Leyden backed down, saying his comments were "lost in translation."

"I feel terrible that I've said something about someone I have absolute admiration and respect for," he told the Herald-Sun. "I was joking around."

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