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John Cusack still seemingly hates the '80s and John Hughes movies



John cusack John Cusack has long had a love-hate relationship with the 1980s. By that, I mean his fans LOVE all his '80s movies, and he continues to hate them.

Maybe "hate" is too strong of a word, but after reading an interview he did with the New York Times, you have to wonder.

“It’s almost like a comic nightmare,” Cusack says of his new film Hot Tub Time Machine, “which for me is a very real nightmare. Every time I flip through the cable, I have flashbacks. Being self-referential is really narcissistic. Who’s to say anybody’s even thinking of you that much?”

Here are some other highlights from the interview, in which all the Hot Tub stars participated.

ON WHAT HE THOUGHT IN THE '80s HE'D BE DOING IN 2010: "I remember very clearly being at the 1985 Super Bowl half-time show, on mushrooms. I hoped that I would be out of the ’80s in 2010. They frightened me, and I remain in fear."

ON JOHN HUGHES MOVIES: "I was only in one of the John Hughes films, and I never saw the other ones. I didn’t understand them. I kept hearing a really hip 40-year-old person talking in teenagers’ mouths."

ON UNREQUITED CRUSHES FROM THE '80s: "I started making movies in the ’80s, so when I was in high school, I got to go be on set with Jacqueline Bisset. I was a geeky 16-year-old staring at a goddess. I thought: 'Show business — this kind of works. This or study hall?' ”

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