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John Ritter's glow-in-the-dark legacy



Ritter Sometimes you truly don't see the genius until they're gone. At least that's not the case with the late John Ritter, who would have turned 60 today.

Ritter died on Sept. 11, 2003, but he left behind some real gems on TV and the silver screen, especially during the '80s.

TELEVISION: Wow, don't make me have to throw the words Three's Company at you. A totally unwatchable show, except for his role as Jack Tripper. You want to get obscure though ... can you name the spin-off? (Yes, Three's a Crowd in 1984-85.) But he also starred in Hooperman and ... three episodes of The Love Boat!

FILMS: I cherish Ritter in 1992's Stay Tuned, but if you haven't seen him as the reluctant CIA agent in Real Men (with James Belushi at his near zenith) or 1980's Wholly Moses (he was "Satan" for crying out loud!), then you really should visit your Netflix queue a little more often.

THE ULTIMATE HIGHLIGHT: Just the mention of 1989's Skin Deep usually triggers an outburst of childish laughter from anyone who has seen it. Think back. Way back. Think glow-in-dark. Think safe sex. Okay, just click here for the movie clip. (Slightly adult in nature, but still SFW I think.)

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