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Jon Cryer is 'Hiding Out' again



Hiding_out Jon Cryer goes from adult to high school punk again on April 14 as a new edition of his 1987 classic Hiding Out is released again on DVD. (View trailer)

The new "Lost Collection" edition of the movie (co-starring the beautiful Annabeth Gish) includes a pop-up trivia track and ... well, we're not sure what else the new version includes. It has new packaging though. ("Hey, a new box! The recession is surely over now!")

Suffice to say Hiding Out is a classic flick and probably worth the investment on DVD (if it wasn't playing on cable every other week already). But where does it rank in the great hall of Jon Cryer films of the '80s? Time to find out.


5. DUDES (1987): "We're talking about real life here, okay? Real life is not California. Real life is a s--t sandwich and every day you gotta take another bite."

4. NO SMALL AFFAIR (1984): "Have a girl, Chuck?" ... "No thanks, I'm full."

3. MORGAN STEWART'S COMING HOME (1987): "Home is where the heart is (slapping a rubber heart on his bedroom wall)."

2. HIDING OUT (1987): "I used to be just like you: a short, horny, hopeless dork."

1. PRETTY IN PINK (1986): "His name is Blane? Oh! That's a major appliance, that's not a name!"

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