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'Kind of like Karate Kid on the waves'



Northshore1 Today's guest blog item comes from former Stuck in the '80s co-host Chase Squires, the brilliant commentator on our Ferris Bueller, TV shows and Miami Vice podcasts. Chase just returned from Hawaii, so he has a special movie review for all of us.

Because the '80s will not be defined by either time OR place, I take it upon myself to investigate a far-flung '80s locale, mainly, the North Shore of Hawaii, site of the, dare I say classic, 1987 surf flick North Shore, starring the greatly underestimated Matt Adler as young Rick Kane.

Northshore3 Rick wins a surfing contest at an Arizona wave pool, then uses the prize money to travel to Hawaii's North Shore to surf the big waves before going to college in New York to study design. But he soon finds out he's no match for the big waves, and in Hawaii he's not welcome, he's just some kook from the mainland. He gets robbed by the locals and hazed by '80s surfing legend Mark Occhilupo, making a cameo, before he's befriended by a stoner surfer named Turtle (John Philbin) and soul-surfer/guru Chandler (Gregory Harrison, who appears in the background of tons of shows). He falls for the girl, learns about soul surfing instead of ripping, and all's right with the world.

Kind of like Karate Kid on the waves. Dig it.

So I travel to the North Shore, I visit the famed Waimea Bay, Pipeline, Sunset, the whole bit. That's me at Waimea. You can't tell from the picture, but it was pumping big time. I discover the Shore is MUCH smaller than you'd think, and there are lots of surfers, but they aren't all that intimidating, most didn't even notice us. Northshore2And what else do we find?? This poster for an '80s Night at a local bar. Even on the North Shore of Oahu, the '80s are still HUGE. Rock on, '80s fans.

And what kind of friend would I be if I didn’t point out, for those who, gasp, haven't seen this classic flick … indeed, it's FREE ONLINE at under movies. It's legal, free, fun for all. Watch, enjoy, hang loose, 'bra!

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