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Kirk Cameron, in Tampa Bay to speak, defends his statements on marriage




Growing Pain's Kirk Cameron -- I guess we can stop identifying him as that, but this is an '80s blog -- is in Tampa Bay this weekend to speak at a church in Brandon, so the Tampa Bay Times had a rare opportunity to talk to the man who's caused more than a little grief wtih his comments on gay marriage and similar topics. Here's the full story.

As usual, he had some notable comments:

ON THE BIBLE AND MARRIAGE: "Marriage comes with an instruction manual. When difficult times come, too many people throw in the towel. It's about pulling out the instruction manual. It's what I do and I think it makes me a better husband."

ON PREPPING FOR INTERVIEWS: "Definitely before interviews, I do my best to prepare what I want to talk about but you never know what is going to happen during an interview or if you will be pushed into a corner and pushed into discussing a subject you are not there to talk about. So when controversy comes, I jump on the surfboard and ride the wave."

ON DEFENDING HIS COMMENTS: "Things like family, faith and freedom are things that need to be fought for and defended. I can't choose to sit by on the sidelines hoping to never stir a controversy. If you do that these things can possibly be taken away from you."

What do you make of his comments this time around? I'm not sure how seriously I take the "instruction manual" remark.

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