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Kirstie dares to bare



Kirstie_1A proud confession: I never watch Oprah. Never. Not two seconds. Not since her last notable appearance, which for me was in 1985's The Color Purple. To me, everything she's done since then has been a dreadful waste of her time. But when Oprah's show featured 80s "could-be" vixen Kirstie Alley dropping her clothes and prancing around in a bikini on the show this week ... well, you gotta at least glance at the TV.

The 55-year-old Cheers actress once consumed as much as 8,000 calories a day. (Jagermeister-filled doughnuts maybe?) But that was 75 pounds ago. Today, well, it makes you want to go back and watch her best work from the 80s all over again.. Or at least list them while you leer at the photo. Princess_leia_gold_bikini (Sorta reminds me of the Princess Leia bikini photo -- minus Jabba the Hutt.)

Top 5 Kirstie Alley flicks from the 80s:
5. Runaway (1984): Anytime you play the girlfriend of Gene Simmons, that's a plus.
4. Look Who's Talking (1989): A tolerable movie that Bruce Willis and John Travolta would probably rather forget about.
3. Star Trek 2 (1982): Kirstie as a Vulcan in her first big-screen role? That's logical.
2. Loverboy (1989): Kirstie seduces Patrick Dempsey? That's not logical!
1. Summer School (1987): The most underrated movie of the 80s? You bet, thanks to Kirstie and Mark Harmon.

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