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Kiss me, it's Star Wars Day: 10 ways to celebrate

full.jpg"May the Fourth Be With You" -- and yes, feel free to groan, belittle and maybe even slap someone after hear that for the 10th time today, the official Star Wars Day in this part of the universe. Stuck in the '80s has become more and more obsessed with the growing Star Wars renaissance over the last couple years. So to celebrate the second fakest holiday of them all -- after Valentine's Day -- here are our top 10 favorite Star Wars posts, including fun toys to buy and videos to watch.

10. SLAVE LEIA APRON: Sure, it's also available as a Darth Vader apron but we don't see him as a kitchen guy. [Go there]

9. STORMTROOPER BASKETBALL JERSEY: Now I do actually believe Stormtroopers would play hoops, since it is a basically evil sport. And if you disagree with that, it's probably because you went to a college that was only any good in basketball. [See them]

8. HAN SOLO ICE CUBES: Now we're talking! These suckers are even on sale. (And they work with chocolate too, for the Jabba in each of us.) [Scarf them down]

7. REJECTED STAR WARS TOYS: No, you can't buy them ... not in a galaxy far far away. But it's still fun to see where George Lucas draws the line on good taste. [Indulge here]

6. C-3PO SWIMSUIT: R2 says the chances of you buying this suit are 725 to 1. Actually R2  has been known to make mistakes... from time to time.. [Oh, thank the maker!]

5. R2-D2 BBQ GRILL: This is not the meat smoker you are looking for. [Only because it's one of a kind]

4. DEATH STAR PLANETARIUM: I got one of these for Christmas, proving once again that it pays to go to the Dark side. [It's full of stars]

3. LIFESIZE STORMTROOPER CAKE: That's not a moon, it's a birthday cake. Behold a 300-pound stormtrooper cake. [Feast here]

2. TUPAC MEETS R2-D2: Sorry, Coachella fans, but this truly the only great them to come out of your annual festival of scum and villainy. [Celebrate again]

1. MILLENNIUM FALCON BASS GUITAR: "Let's discuss the location of your hidden rebel bass." [Umm, right here]

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