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Kneel before the '80s! Who was the best movie superhero?



Flash Gordon starring Sam JonesGreen Hornet ... Green Lantern ... whatever. I stopped watching superhero movies once Jack Nicholson died at the end of 1989's Batman -- with a smile still on his face, of course.

Today's cineplexes are overrun with the superhero genre. I was never a comic book geek, but still I have to wonder just how many of these modern day franchises are legit. I prefer a simplier time, when action movies were more about the story than the technology. 

So riddle me this: Who was the best movie superhero of the '80s? You have several obvious ones to choose from, but I'd be particularly impressed if you discover some more.

SUPERMAN (1980): Sure, the Christopher Reeve franchise began in 1978, but everyone knows the best of the bunch was 1980's Superman II ("Kneel before Zod!) The movies were plagued with hammy acting at times, but Reeve kept things honest as the Son of Jor-El.

FLASH GORDON (1980): He'll save every one of us! No true '80s fan gets tired of this classic, featuring Sam Jones, Melody Anderson, Chaim Topol, Max von Sydow and Timothy Dalton (Bond!).

CONDORMAN (1981): Okay, we're not seriously considering this Walt Disney disaster for the best-of list. Starring Michael Crawford and Oliver Reed, it made a short stop at theaters before heading straight to the video stores.

SUPERGIRL (1984): Even Helen Slater is trying to forget she starred in this follow-up to the Superman movies. It's actually available on DVD if you're really that curious.

BATMAN (1989): Fans hated the idea of Michael Keaton as the Caped Crusader. They thought things couldn't get any worse. The following sequels proved just how wrong they were.

Okay, which superhero is triumphant?

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