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Last of the great soundtracks



Part two of our epic podcast about great movie soundtracks of the 80s is now online. Click on the "listen to podcast" link now to hear it (or the link to the right under "episodes.") It's packed with great music and Sean Daly's classic story behind the movie Batman.

Some quick soundtrack trivia questions:
1) In one John Hughes movie, a song by The Smiths is performed, but not by The Smiths. Name the movie, song, and the group that performs it. (Bonus: Name the location where the song is played.)
2) The Vision Quest soundtrack features songs by Journey and Madonna. Name the songs (too easy) and what albums they appear on.
3) In the movie Fast Times at Ridgemont High, the producers wanted a different song to open the movie, instead of "We Got the Beat." The song does appear elsewhere in the movie. Which song was it? (The answer is in the Fast Times podcast, if you want to look it up.)
4) Name the groups who perform in Purple Rain whose music doesn't appear on the sountrack.
5) What movie does the music from our podcast opening sequence appear?

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