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Last-minute '80s costume ideas



Officer Right, like anyone has time to dramatically change their Halloween outfits at this point. Well, some of us don't even have plans to attend any parties this year (sniff), so just bookmark this blog item for next year.

This tip courtesy of the Vegas Girlfriend, who considers Halloween the most sacred of all holidays: Go as a famous '80s couple. Here are some of her suggestions:

(An Officer and a Gentleman): Figure on needing an officer's uniform from the Navy to pull this one off. Just let the female friend wear the hat. No need to carry her around the whole party though. (Seriously. Don't.) If you want to go as a male-male couple, just go as "Zack" and "Sid." Just don't re-create the shower scene. (Seriously. Don't.)

HUNTER S. THOMPSON and LAZLO (Where the Buffalo Roam): Sure, it's been done. Most famously by myself. But it never gets old. And chances are you have the outfits in the closet already.

DREAD PIRATE ROBERTS and PRINCESS BUTTERCUP (Princess Bride): What? You don't have a pirate outfit or a tiara already? Inconceivable!

PRINCESS LILY and SATAN (Legend): No way! Nobody is stealing this one. This is my idea for next Halloween. Just give me 10 months of eating vegetarian, a personal trainer and a someone who knows how to make really great horns.

JAKE and ELWOOD BLUES (The Blues Brothers): Everyone forgets that this timeless classic was released in 1980. Some friends and I actually finished in third place back in 1984, doing Soul Man during a lip synch competition at good old Countryside High.

PRIS and ROY BATTY (Blade Runner): This is more attitude than costume. I just want to wander all around some party, going up to total strangers and saying, "Time to die!"

What other great couple costumes are we forgetting about?

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