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Leasing a home in the '80s: Best apartments on film




Great movie apartments in the '80s? None really jump to mind do they? I always wanted to live in Rob Lowe's apartment in About Last Night. First, it's in Chicago, which remains the Holy Land of the '80s. Second, you have Demi Moore as a morally casual roomie. And bonus: Jim Belushi is your wingman. Happily ever after, right? 

I'm sad to report that my dream Chi-town abode was shut out of Flavorwire's new list of the 15 Apartments on Film That We Wished We Owned. (Come to think of it, Rob's place was sorta dumpy.) But the '80s were well represented with three apartments. (Hey, even three is stretching it. The '80s were a very blue-collar time in cinematic apartments.)

Can you guess any of them? If not, let's continue:


JULE'S APARTMENT IN ST. ELMO'S FIRE: "To us, it was like an ’80s version of paradise. We would move into the pink-painted and expensively furnished studio today if we had the chance — but, though we enjoy 'Rebel Yell,' we would still probably have to paint over the massive portrait of Billy Idol."

DR. ELDON TYRELL'S APARTMENT IN BLADE RUNNER: "The combination of the apartment’s immense windows, which allow in floods of ethereal light, and the textured stone walls creates a temple-like peace."

JOSH BASKIN'S APARTMENT IN BIG: "Sure, the hardwood floors and soaring windows are nice, but the real draw is having a trampoline in your living room."

Click here for the full list.

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