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Leonard Nimoy shirts: Live long and use fabric softener



nimoy_shirt.jpgAs far as I'm concerned, there are bad Star Trek movies, but no bad Leonard Nimoy performances. Even the two worst Trek movies -- 1979's Star Trek: The Motion Picture and 1989's The Final Frontier -- didn't suffer because of anything Mr. Spock did.

And let's face it, the two best Trek movies were the direct result of Nimoy: his death in Wrath of Khan and his directing efforts in The Voyage Home. (Yes, I like the whale movie. And you would too if you just relaxed and enjoying the cheesiness of it. If not, well, "double dumb-ass on you" then.)

So it's with great delight that I discovered this morning the existence of commissioned Leonard Nimoy T-shirts. And god help me if I have to tell you that LLAP isn't an Ed Hardy knockoff label; it stands for Live Long and Prosper. (I do appreciate that using just the initials tones down the nerdiness, identifying you as a Trekkie only to those "in the know.")

While its $25.99 price tag might not seem logical, you have to give serious thought to purchasing one at Nimoy's Etsy shop, which is full of other non-Trek goodies as well.

Because the needs of the many fans outweigh the needs of the one actor. Or vice versa. Hell, it was like 160 degrees on Vulcan; it might have all been heat-related jibberish.

[Salute to Pop Candy for the tip.]

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