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Let the jokes begin: It's the 'Michael Jackson is now a Zombie' website



Michael_jackson_dead "I was the king of pop. Now I'm the king of the undead." Those words welcome visitors to the Michael Jackson is now a Zombie blog, probably the first but not final "lighter" take on the passing of Michael Jackson.

What was the over/under on time until tasteless jokes? About 20 seconds?

The blog is "written" by MJ himself. Yesterday's most interesting item: "This has been a long day. I died, I came back to life. I dance fought a car. Do you know how much energy this takes out of you? Do you know how hard reanimation is?"

I'm warning you now: Don't go to this blog unless you have a sick sense of humor, laugh at crotch grabbing and are okay with adult language. (You're going to click on it anyway, aren't you?)

[Last modified: Wednesday, June 9, 2010 2:47pm]


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