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Let's get physical: the '80s exercise playlist



Montypythonsmeaningoflifemrcreosote It's painful to admit, but the '80s Nation is entering those danger years when it comes to our health. No longer can we make do with our regular diet of wine coolers, pudding pops, microwave popcorn and wafer-thin mints. Time to get serious about getting back in shape.

Thankfully, Vegas Girlfriend is here to help. As a longtime health professional, she knows the secret to maintaining youthful good looks and vigor: caffeine pills and spicy lentils. Okay, so maybe her health regime won't work for the rest of us. But she did offer up her special '80s exercise playlist -- 10 fun workout songs either recorded during the '80s or recorded later on by bands from the '80s.

Load up your iPod with these suckers and start sweating. And then drop us a comment with your own favorite workout songs from the '80s. (Those lentils won't work forever, ya know):

80s exercise playlist

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