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'Let's nuke Las Vegas!'



Steve LAS VEGAS -- More than 12 hours, most of us here in Sin City for the Regeneration Tour still can't get a few songs out of our heads. Human League's "Heart Like a Wheel" for starters. ("Johnny Seven's coming over the sea!")

Blame it on the gin, or blame it on the unruly knowledge that we each paid about a grand for this adventure to the desert.

Right now, we're watching "War Games" on TV while we slowly digest our Sunday brunch feast of mimosas and shrimp cocktails. (I'm winning major points for quoting every other line in this flick -- I knew it was only a matter of time til this 80s schtick paid off.)

Some more Sunday observations:

DRESS CODE: Every female in town wears dresses that barely cover their NC-17 regions. And Matthew Broderick disturbingly likes to hack without wearing a shirt.

Mike_in_austin THE SUITE: Toni's ultra-suite was the hangout for much of the weekend. Here you see Mike and Angelina from Austin, who held court after the Regeneration show, thanks to Mike's "Pepe the Prawn" imitations.

WHY LAS VEGAS?!?: Why does Broderick have to nuke Las Vegas? Doesn't he know about the great, roomy suites at the Luxor? They fit at least 10 drunken 80s fans. When at the bar, ask for Larry.


5. "I totally can't feel my tongue now "

4. "Your bruise looks like the Virgin of Guadalupe!"

3. "I don't want to see an 11-year-old's chest!"

2. "You know what I could really go for now? Some milk and stew."

1. "You had mimosas and shrimp cocktails for breakfast, and I had freakin' Funyuns?!? I want everyone to know how much you suck." (They do know, Toni. They do now.)

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