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'The life of a repo man is always intense'



Repoman_2 Twenty-three years after it slipped unnoticed through movie theaters, Repo Man is back -- at least for this week's episode of Stuck in the 80s.

What? You say you've never heard of this gem? Then you're on the the wrong blog, my friend, because 1984's "Repo Man" is perhaps the decade's favorite cult flick. Emilio Estevez, Harry Dean Stanton, the Circle Jerks, a punk rock soundtrack -- this is a movie to be appreciated, cherished, enjoyed like a fine wine. Or at least swilled down in one gulf like a room-temperature can of generic beer.

What will you learn in this week's episode? Everything, including the story behind those odd car air fresheners and the endless plates o' shrimp.

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Five memorable quotes from Repo Man:

5. "Credit is a sacred trust, it's what our free society is founded on. Do you think they give a damn about their bills in Russia?"

4. "The more you drive, the less intelligent you are."

3. "You gonna give me my car, or do I gotta go to your house and shove your dog's head down the toilet?"

2. "Let's go get sushi and not pay."

1. "The life of a repo man is always intense."

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