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'Life is so strange' with Dale Bozzio



80s_regeneration_tour_aug_08_013_3 Oh, this photo is a keeper. That's me with Dale Bozzio of Missing Persons at the Regeneration Tour stop in Clearwater on Saturday night.

Thus, we dispel ...

Missing Persons Myth No. 1: Dale Bozzio doesn't walk around wearing a metal bikini. Let's face it: Outside of maybe Nancy Wilson of Heart, Susanna Hoffs of The Bangles and my should-have-been prom date Martha Quinn, there aren't many '80s icons I want to see wearing a bathing suit made of steel. (Martha, send me your size, and I'll have one shipped out tomorrow.)

Missing Persons Myth No. 2: She looks about 6-feet-4-inches tall on those classic videos for "Words" and "Destination Unknown," but Dale is closer to 5-feet-2. Very pixie-esque and quite fun to hug. You can tell I'm cutting the circulation off to her upper body while in my death-grip embrace.

Missing Persons Myth No. 3: I was asked this question maybe two dozen times last night. No, drummer Terry Bozzio and guitarist Warren Cuccurullo no longer play in the group. (They reunited briefly a few years ago for a couple shows, but that's it.) In fact, I think it's probably a good idea to keep Terry and Dale in different time zones whenever possible. She did some very creative improvisational artwork on Terry's mugshot on the back of a "Spring Session M" album cover last night.

80s_regeneration_tour_aug_08_010Missing Persons Myth No. 4: Dale Bozzio is ANYTHING but unapproachable. She stuck around on stage after her set and then in the lobby for at least an hour, signing autographs for a mob of starstruck fans. She might still be signing stuff right now at this very moment. She seemed genuinely touched and surprised by everyone's enthusiasm. I sat back, a dozen yards away at times and just watched as people worked up the courage to approach her, and marveled at their grins after they met her.

Say what you want about the rest of her quirky behavior that night on stage, but you gotta appreciate her love of the fans. That's what makes shows like the Regeneration Tour so damn memorable.

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