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List of 20 worst bands of all time includes some '80s legends



rush-007.jpgCompiling a list of the 20 worst bands of all time is pretty much a no-win scenario. People are going to laugh, cry and threaten to kill you when you pick their favorite band. So kudos to LA Weekly for even attempting it.

I'm not sure how I missed their list for so long, but here it is, in all its glory. And of course, there are several '80s bands on there. Here they are, along with their rank in the list and some commentary from LA Weekly to justify their inclusion (along with my own observations):

17. PHISH: "Phish is supposed to be the next generation's Grateful Dead, right? But with the Dead, one at least enjoyed a fighting chance of enjoying them sober."
My take: Jam bands are always going to end up on lists like this. Goes with the territory.

14. FOREIGNER: "Where Journey was a hit factory, Foreigner are the sweatshop equivalent, churning out shoddy products full of lead paint."
My take: Well, god knows I never need to hear half the hits from their 4 album anymore. But they are still an incredible band live, even though they're down to one original member. Frankly, I'm shocked that Journey didn't make their list -- even though I'd fight like hell against that pick too.

9. RUSH: "It's often said that people either love Rush or hate them, but a more accurate statement is that most people hate Rush, while a scattered few really love them."
My take: Total BS. Rush is perhaps the only '80s band, along with U2, that can sell out 20,000-seat venues on tour. So "a scattered few really love them" isn't just a bad argument; it's a falsehood. Is their music inaccessible to fans, particularly of the female persuasion? You bet. But that doesn't make them a bad band; just one that's more suitable to a guys-night-out.

On the bubble of the '80s and still on their list: Sex Pistols, Eagles, Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Some '80s bands that could have made their list: The Fabulous Thunderbirds, The Fat Boys, Miami Sound Machine, The Romantics, Warrant, Winger, New Kids on the Block, Simply Red,


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