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A list that only Axel Foley would love: Top 5 Detroit films from the '80s



Eddie-murphy_l "Attention, Detroiters. Put down your weapons. I am unarmed!"

My list of the Top 5 Forgotten John Hughes Movies on the Pop Candy blog today had a tiny little dig at the crown jewel city of the Midwest. As a result, a few e-mails are arriving in the Stuck in the '80s mailbox, subtly asking for an explanation. For example, Rob E. writes to say: "I am sure I am speaking for all Detroiters when I say, 'kiss my a--'."

Longtime followers of Stuck in the '80s know what my beef is all about. (And Rob. E. does now too after I wrote him back, and now he's on my side!) If you really must hear the gut-wrenching details, it's preserved for all eternity on this blog post and podcast. (The girl in question was from Detroit. Is it all falling into place now?)

In the meantime, please accept this sarcasm- and snark-free top 5 list as my way of saying no hard feelings, Detroiters. (All of you except one, of course.)


5. COLLISION COURSE (1989): Remember when Jay Leno was still a good guy? Check out his cop/buddy flick co-starring Pat "Mr. Miyagi" Morita. Fave line: "You see in this neighborhood they don't call the police, they just yell 'Turn that sh-- off'."

4. RED DAWN (2010): Technically not an '80s movie, but a remake of the classic 1984 movie. It's reportedly shot all over Detroit and surrounding cities.

3. ACTION JACKSON (1988): I still wish Carl Weathers had made more movies in the '80s. This was supposed to be campy, right? Fave line: "The man's son is a sexual psychopath! If I had family problems like that, I'd have myself neutered."

2. ROBOCOP (1987): Most of the film was actually filmed in Dallas. Only the flyovers are in Detroit. Fave line: "Old Detroit has a cancer. That cancer is crime."

1. BEVERLY HILLS COP (1984): Was there any doubt what movie was No. 1 on the list? Still waiting for my Mumford Phys. Ed. t-shirt to arrive in the mail. Fave line: "Now, my advice to you is crawl back to your little stone in Detroit before you get squashed."

Honorable mention:
1983's Mr. Mom, the John Hughes movie that was "set" in Detroit, and the one that started the nasty e-mails in the first place. It's not clear, though, if any of the movie was actually filmed there.

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