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A list that truly sucks: Vampire time again!



Lostboysmovie With the movie Twilight coming out this week, I'm hard at work coming up with tons of vampire lists for the St. Pete Times. Among my chores: Naming the 5 best movie vampires, 5 worst movie vampires, 5 best TV vampires, 5 best female vampires ... and 5 best vampire hunters.

As usual, I could use your help! Surely the '80s was full of all these categories. But feel free to suggest ones from other decades as well.

Some that come to mind:

KIEFER SUTHERLAND vs. JASON PATRIC (The Lost Boys): Kiefer delivers every line with the world's coolest smirk, and that's fine by me. Does Jason count, though, since he was technically only a half-vampire? Consider either of them for the "best" list.

01vampire ROBERT SEAN LEONARD (My Best Friend is a Vampire): Sure he was great in Dead Poet's Society, but in 1988 he was starring in this suck-fest. No pun intended. Put him on the "worst" list.

AL LEWIS (The Munsters): Don't forget that TV's "Grandpa Munster" was a vampire too. Can't have a "best on TV" list without him, can we?

Lovebite GEORGE HAMILTON (Love at First Bite): "Children of the night ... shut up!" If we had a funniest list, he'd be king, but do you put George on the best or worst list?

JENNIFER BEALS (Vampire's Kiss): Does it really matter if she's a real vampire or a figment of Nic Cage's imagination? With those fangs, we're all a maniac, MANIAC, on the floor. And she's dancing right onto the list of "top lady vamps," unless someone objects.

Please add your favorites for any category!

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