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Live from New York ... it's Gumby dammit: Best SNL skits of the '80s



SNL_GumbyRemember when it was really worth your time to stay home on a Saturday night to watch TV? Yep, the '80s ... and for two reasons. One, there was no TiVo so you HAD to watch stuff live. And two, it was worth it to catch Saturday Night Live on NBC each week.

Oh sure, the glory days of the show might always be the late '70s with Chevy Chase, Bill Murray, John Belushi and the rest of the Not Ready for Prime Time gang. But look at some of the names in the '80s too: Joe Piscopo, Jim Belushi, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Billy Crystal; Martin Short, Al Franken, Joan Cusack, Nora Dunn, Anthony Michael Hall, Jon Lovitz, Dennis Miller and some other guy named Eddie Murphy.

 As Stuck in the '80s starts preparing a future podcast on SNL in the '80s, what we want to know from you is simple: What SNL skits do you love and remember the best from the '80s? Add your suggestions in the comments below. Here are five ideas to get you started. And feel free to help me find the video links. These are extremely tough to get on the Web these days.

BLUES BROTHERS: John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd's blues band started in the late '70s but was still making scripted appearances on SNL during the 1980 season. [Video]

THE LITTLE RICHARDS SIMMONS SHOW: Eddie Murphy was just getting warmed up, melding Little Richard and Richard Simmons into a rock-n-roll exercise skit.

Buckwheat BUCKWHEAT SINGS: The ultimate Eddie Murphy skit? It was during Fee Tines a Mady.

FRANK AND STEVIE: Joe Piscopo as Frank Sinatra and Eddie Murphy as Stevie Wonder. "You are black and I am white. You're as blind as a bat, and I have sight!"

WAYNE'S WORLD: Mike Myers and Dana Carvey started it in 1989, so it just barely makes the cut. Sadly, the signature Aerosmith visit to Wayne's World didn't come until the '90s.

What other great '80s SNL skits should we honor?

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