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Long way down the holiday road

I'm about to break a sacred streak. I've posted to the Stuck in the 80s blog every single day since Nov. 25, 2005. (I even blogged every day from a cruise ship during a 7-day cruise in March.) But that streak ends Sunday. It's time for a short vacation -- Griswold style. And this time, I'm unplugging. I'll be back Wednesday, but in the meantime, please continue to debate the merits (or lack thereof) of the Worst 80 songs of the 80s list. Or suggest some ideas for podcast episodes.

If you're desperate for more 80s material, here's a list of some of my favorite posts from the last few months. Enjoy.

-- Everything I Know, I Learned from a John Cusack movie (Oct. 18)
-- Five reasons not to watch When Harry Met Sally with the opposite sex (Dec. 31)
-- The World Wide Web of Madonna (Jan. 30)
-- Goofiest band names of the 80s (Jan. 30)
-- Fast Times at Ridgemont trivia (Jan. 26)
-- Chris Penn: A soul of his own (Jan. 26)
-- Why I hate Billy Joel's Piano Man (Jan. 13)
-- Nic Cage, 80s movie god (Jan. 6)
-- He'll have a Raspberry Beignet (May 23)
-- How to "pull a Ferris" (May 18)
-- How I almost killed Emmitt Smith (May 15)
-- All hail Taylor Negron (May 7)

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