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Look 4 the purple banana til they put us in a truck



Ah, Purple Rain. Is there any greater guilty pleasure from the 80s? Heck no! And I apologize to loyal Prince fans, but my appreciation of the Purple One begins and ends with this movie and soundtrack (I've owned this soundtrack in album, tape version -- twice -- and now on CD).

Alas, it's Purple Rain Appreciation Week here in "80s Land." Gina and I will tackle the movie, the star and the music on this week's podcast. So feel free to share your thoughts on it all.

For example: Is the movie great or awful? I say it's both - at the same time. Is it just me or do entire parts of the movie just not make sense? For example, nobody allegedly understands the lyrics of his songs early in the movie, but he sings "Purple Rain" -- which has got to be stranger than anything he sings early -- and suddenly everyone GETS it? Whaaaaa?

Tell me I'm wrong, Gina!

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